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Yuria Kiritani is a now retired Japanese AV Idol who only spent one year in the industry. She was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture on May 10th, 1990 with the blood type O. Her last recorded measurements place her at 164 cms tall with an 90 cm bust, 57 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Yuria made her official AV Idol debut 0n January 1st, 2011 on the DVD First Impression, she retired on February 2nd, 2012 after releasing Fallen Celebrity Wife. Some of Yuria Kiritani’s best work can be seen on the DVDs The Co-Ed From Next Door, The Girl Everyone Loves, Lets Fuck At School, Passionate Night and Sticky Kisses And Sex.

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If you’ve never heard of Yuria Kiritani don’t worry, this beautiful AV Idol retired after one year and one month in the business. However, in that short time she had actually made over 160 appearances on various JAV DVD scenes. In today’s free gallery you will see sixteen nude images from one of the few magazine appearances Yuria made during her career. These photos depict Yuria Kiritani performing a strip tease and masturbating in a standard hotel room. While this gallery is censored like most JAV photos, Yuria does strip down fully nude by the end of the series.

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Yuria Kiritani might not have been an AV Idol for long, but she made more DVD appearances then some girls who’ve spent years in the industry. If you’re just discovering Yuria for the first time, you might just find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of content you’re about to discover. Even if you think you’ve already seen Yuria Kiritani’s entire catalog of work, I can guarantee you that you haven’t. One of the best place for someone new to JAV to see most of Yuria Kiritani’s work should check out All Japanese Pass. More experienced JAV viewers should head on over to R18 to start watching all of Yuria Kiritani’s movies.

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