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Yui Aoba is Japanese AV Idol who was born in Tokyo on December 11th, 1994 with the blood type O. Her official measurements list her as standing a height of 158 cms with an 88 cm bust, 56 cm waist, and 84 cm hips. Yui made her porn video debut on November 19th, 2013 starring on the DVD Newcomer NO. 1 STYLE Aoba Yui AV debut. While there has been no official announcement, she is rumored to have retired from the porn industry in 2015. Her last DVD to be released came out on January 9th, 2015 and was called A Horny Unfaithful Wife. Some of Yui Aoba’s most memorable scenes can be seen on the DVDs Deep Throat Slave Discipline, A Fallen WomanFirst Experiences, Give Me Cum, and Handjob Service Inspection.

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To our knowledge, Yui Aoba has never appeared on the pages of a printed magazine. Her lack of exposure in printed media may be a result of only filming adult videos for two years. Yui had only filmed about 40 movies before mysteriously vanishing from the public eye without a trace. One the DVD side of the industry she was signed to and is still considered an S1 exclusive actress. While this is only speculation on our part, but maybe her popularity was hindered by her name being too similar to Yui Oba, another popular Japanese AV Idol she was competing with.

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