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Tsubaki Kato (A.K.A. Kaoru Natsuki) is a 32-year-old Japanese AV idol who more recently started working in mainstream films. She stands tall at 161 cms in height, with the body measurements are an 83 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Tsubaki was 22-years-old when she entered to porn industry in 2006, and still actively films adult scenes after 10 years in the business. Some of Tsubaki Kato’s best x-rated performances took place on the DVDs Barely Censored Unlimited LustCum in My MouthFemale Doctor’s Cream Pie ViolationMother In Law and Sister Incest, and New Face x Barely Censored. In recent months Tsubaki has worked less with the DVD side of the industry, opting to work exclusivity with uncensored websites like Fellatio Japan and Handjob Japan.

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Tsubaki Kato began performing in Japanese B-movies in 2013. In order to separated her mainstream and adult work from one another, Tsubaki now performs under the name Kaoru Natsuki in her porn films. Still not having made a major break in mainstream cinema, Tsubaki does have three movies to her credit. She  made her debute in the 2013 film Hitozuma Ero Dôchû: Ageshiku Nosete, followed by Onna Kankoshi: Yasuragi No Binyû in 2014, and finally Ren’ai Zukan: Futte Furarete in 2015.

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