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Today’s free gallery submission comes to us via Idols 69, and features the young and energetic Moe Amatsuka. She’s a 19 year old Teen Idol who’s recently begun transitioning away from modeling and in to the Adult Idol industry. Her small breasts and youthful appearance will surely please anyone with a fetish for barely legal Japanese girls. Moe hasn’t yet performed in any adult videos that feature sexual content, but she’s posed fully nude for softcore photos frequently. You can search the web day and night, but you’ll still be hard pressed to find another Japanese teenage with the sex appeal found within Moe Amatsuka.

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In this particular photo session, Moe Amatsuka played the role of a country girl. She began the shoot wearing a straw cowboy hat, overalls with shorts bottoms, as well as a red and black flannel jacket. She playfully posed on a wooden deck using a sun umbrella as a prop. The straps on her overalls would often fall down her shoulders, revealing her perky nipples and firm young breasts. She then moves inside and begins to get more playful with the camera while sitting on a green couch. Moe Amatsuka removes the straps from her overalls, allowing her beautiful small breasts to become fully exposed. She then begins pulling down her overall’s shorts, playfully giving off peaks of her butt cheeks and ass crack. Finaly, Moe Amatsuka gives the fans what they’re craving to see. she removes her clothing entirely, so that all of Japan can gaze upon the the fully nude body of a Teen Idol goddess.

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