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Nanami Moegi Gravure Picture 01See Nanami Moegi’s full swimsuit gravure gallery here.

Nanami Moegi is a 24-year-old Japanese Gravure Idol and singer born on May 27, 1993 in the Saitama Prefecture with the blood type ‘AB’. She stands at 173 cms tall with the body measurements of a 90 cm bust, a 59 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Nanami is singer and one of the founding members of the J-Pop group Sakuragaoka Chocolat. While no full length CD’s have been produced yet, Nanami Moegi has sang for the groups 2 singles and in their debut music video. Nanami Moegi has also done several gravure photo spreads for Bejean Online, DGC, and YS-Web since making her public debut in 2014.

Nanami Moegi Gravure Picture 02 Nanami Moegi Gravure Picture 03 Nanami Moegi Gravure Picture 04 Nanami Moegi Gravure Picture 05

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Mari Hoshino Gravure Picture 01See Mari Hoshino’s full swimsuit gravure gallery here.

Mari Hoshino is a 35-year-old Japanese actress and singer born on July 27, 1981 with the blood type ‘O’. She stands at 160 cms tall with the body measurements of a 85 cm bust, a 58 cm waist, and 83 cm hips. Mari graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with a French literature degree. She is married to T.B.S. announcer Takahiro Takano. Mari is best known for her lead role as Otome Sakamoto in the T.B.S. drama, Kinpachi-s. Having started her career in 1995, Mari Hoshino has gone on to appear on 43 TV shows, 11 movies, and 6 music CDs.

Mari Hoshino Gravure Picture 02 Mari Hoshino Gravure Picture 03 Mari Hoshino Gravure Picture 04 Mari Hoshino Gravure Picture 05

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Mao Itoh's Nude Photo 01See all 16 swimsuit photos of Mao Itoh here.

Mao Itoh is an up and coming Japanese AV Idol born in Kanagawa Prefecture on June 9, 1992. Her measurements at the time of her debut placed her at 168 cms tall with an 90 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Mao made her official AV Idol debut on July 11, 2014 on the DVD Planning To Be A School Teacher. When not filming AV, Mao is often pursuing the hobbies of karate, cosplay, and costume making. Some of Mao Itoh’s best work can be seen on the DVDs Fucked By A Sleazy Door-To-Door Salesman, Mao Ito Is A College Student, My Husband’s Boss, Young Wife Violated by Father-in-law, and Your Ass Looks Great In That!.

Mao Itoh's Nude Photo 08 Mao Itoh's Nude Photo 09 Mao Itoh's Nude Photo 10 Mao Itoh's Nude Photo 11

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Seika Taketomi Gravure Picture 01See all of Seika Taketomi’s gravure photos here.

Seika Taketomi is a 21-year-old actress and gravure model born on March 24th, 1995 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan with the blood type B. She stands 165 cms tall with the body measurements of a 78 cm bust, a 59 cm waist, and 85 cm hips. Seika Taketomi made her acting debut in 2011 at the age of 15 playing the supporting role of Ran in the TV Drama Heaven’s Flower. She has since gone on to appeared in 13 TV series and 14 movies, landing leading roles in many of them. Some of her best work can be seen in TV series Akumu no DriveTsuma to Tonda Tokkouhei, and Umareru; and the movies Assassination ClassroomKeitai Kanojo, and Marching to Tomorrow. In between movie roles, Seika Taketomi is also known to work as a fashion model and gravure Idol.

Seika Taketomi Gravure Picture 03 Seika Taketomi Gravure Picture 04 Seika Taketomi Gravure Picture 06 Seika Taketomi Gravure Picture 07

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Mayu Watanabe Gravure Picture 12See all of Mayu Watanabe gravure photos here.

Mayu Watanabe is a 22 year old AKB48 singer born on March 26th 1994 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Her blood type is ‘AB’ and she stands at 154 cm’s in height. Her body measurements are a 71 cm bust, a 55 cm waist, and 82 cm hips. Watanabe auditioned for AKB48’s 3rd generation and was placed in the newly formed Team B. Her first appearance on an AKB48 single title track was on “Bingo!”. With the exception of singles whose lineups were determined by rock-paper-scissors tournaments, she has appeared on all the A-sides for the group’s singles since then.

Mayu Watanabe Gravure Picture 02 Mayu Watanabe Gravure Picture 03 Mayu Watanabe Gravure Picture 04 Mayu Watanabe Gravure Picture 05

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