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Sana Imanaga is a Japanese porn star born in the Nagano Prefecture on February 9th, 1996. Her most recent measurements list her as standing 164 cms tall with an 89 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Sana made her AV debut in June 2016 as a Prestige exclusive actress on the DVD Fresh Face Prestige Exclusive Debut – Sana Imanaga. Sana’s most recent appearance took place in Strong Point Sex, which was released on July 28th, 2017. Being relatively new to the porn industry, Sana Imanaga is still a bit of an enigma, even among her fan base. Some of her best sex scenes so far can be seen on the DVDs Barebacked And Creampied, An Immobilized Beautiful Girl, Pull Out Just Before The OrgasmRenting New Beautiful Women, and Trance Global Orgasmic Spasmic Sex.

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