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Miyuu Inaba is an Actress, Fashion Model, and Gravure Idol born on July 11th, 1981 in the Okayama prefecture with the blood type ‘A’. She stands at 161 cms tall with the body measurements of an 84 cm bust, a 60 cm waist, and 83 cm hips. Before making her debut in Japan, Miyuu performed on stage in the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘ in Sydney, Australia. She returned to her home country in 2002 to pursue a career in modeling. After appearing in numerous weekly magazines Miyuu Inaba received the semi-Grand Prize at the ‘Labrador Grand Prix’ of Weekly Playboy Magazine that same year. She continued working as a model and campaign girl using several different aliases including Mika Kimura, Kimura Shenhua, and Mika Inaba.

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