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Mai Nishida is an Actress and Gravure Idol born on March 23th, 1989 in Yawata, Kyoto, Japan with the blood type O. She stands at 158 cms tall with the body measurements of a 95 cm bust, a 58 cm waist, and 81 cm hips. She first became noticed by the public in 2006 when she won the Grand Prix in the Spacecraft Entertainment ‘Swimwear Gravure Audition’, beating 3,151 other participants. Mia Nishida was awarded a contract with Spacecraft Entertainment and made her gravure debut in Weekly Young Sunday. That same year she was selected as YS Otome Gakuin Miss 2 Semester in the same publication. Mai Nishida is also the main campaign model for the fashion brand KIKS TYO.

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