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Shino Aoi is a 26-year-old Japanese AV idol born in Tochigi, Japan on September 8th, 1990 with the blood type A. She stands 163 cms high, and her body measurements are an 80 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 75 cm hips. Shino has worked under many different aliases during her 7 years in the porn business. Some of her other more recognizable stage names are Aoi Miyajima, Haruka Nakamura, Megumi Shino, and Yuhmi Yamaguchi. Some of Shino Aoi’s best AV performances can be seen on her DVDs Barely Legal Cum Swallowing, Bulging Megumi, Cheating On My Boyfriend, Papa’s A Pervert, and Super Sensitive Small A Cup Tits.

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We’ve seen the petite Asian beauty Shino Aoi eat pussy on our blog in the past, but today she’s hungering for something else. It seems that Shino is in the mood for cum, and lots of it too! Her sexy slim body, dexterous hands, and welcoming wet mouth make her exceptionally talented at harvesting cum. But what does Shino Aoi want to do with all this cum after she’s worked so hard to make it squirt? The simple answer would be that she wants to eat it, but Shino Aoi is also girl who likes to play with her food. She snowballs the warm salty cumloads in her mouth, spits them back into her hands, plays with them, and sucks them back into her mouth before finally swallowing every last drop.

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Today’s free sixteen image photo gallery of Shino Aoi comes to us from one of her many appearance on Sperm Mania. This however is not her first appearance on our blog or for Digital J Media either. Shino has appeared in two other lesbian galleries that we posted on August 29, 2016 and October 7, 2016, both costarring with Natsuki Yokoyama. Just like today’s free Sperm Mania gallery that you’re looking at, these two older UraLesbian galleries are also fully uncensored. Shino Aoi has also performed a number of uncensored blowjob scenes for Fellatio Japan and Tokyo Face Fuck, as well as numerous uncensored Japanese leg fetish scenes for Legs Japan too!

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