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Mari Hoshino is a 33 year old Gravure Idol born on July 27, 1981 in the Saitama Prefecture. Her blood type is ‘O’ and she stands at 160 cm tall. Her body measurements are; Bust: 85 cm, Waist: 58 cm and Hips: 83 cm. Some of her favorite activities are studying the careers of other Japanese Idols, tennis, snowboarding, and driving her car. Her self described hidden talents are being able to smile pretty on command, jumping rope, and hula hooping. Mari Hoshino has also made appearances on Nippon Television’s “Idol Hole” and “Idol League” shows. She was a finalist in Nippon Television’s “Gravure Koshien” in 2012, and won the “Quasi NTV Transgenic Award” in 2013. She can also be seen making cameos in the movies “Sai Ranger VS Justice Wind,” “Miss Machiko,” “Cat & Bunny 2,” and “Star Princess Sofia.”

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These Gravure images of Mari Hoshino were taken earlier in her career, before she made any of her television or movie appearances. They depict her posing outdoors in a very typical looking backyard, wearing a traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform with a very short skirt. She uses a small blue backpack as a prop while she poses on several wooden chairs and the grass. The manor of her posing is to deliberately show off her cute young legs, and to also tease up-skirt panty shots without actually exposing her underwear. She alternates between cute, playful, and dirty sides of her personality, adding a lot of variety to this series of safe-for-work teen Gravure pictures.

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