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Japanese AV Idol Rina Kato was born in Tokyo, Japan on June 4th, 1990 with the blood type O. Her height is currently recorded at 157 cms tall with the body measurements of a 85 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 85 cm hips. Rina Kato has already appeared on our blog once in a gravure photoshoot, but she is primarily known and followed for the work she’s done in the Japanese adult industry. She began her career at 20-years-old back in 2010, and she still continues working as an AV idol today at 26-years-old. Rina Kato has officially appeared on 57 JAV DVDs, including fan favorites Ero Cute 2, My Loyal Sex PetNever-ending EjaculationSplash Rina, and Training To Be A Bride’s Maid.

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As stated in the above paragraph, Rina Kato’s last appearance on our blog was in a fully clothed gravure style photoshoot. Today she’s showing us her naughty and naked side in a random mix of twelve nude photos. Most of these photos are extra’s from her modeling work as one of the ‘Graphis Gals’ for Graphis online magazine. Aside from Graphis, Rina has also been seen in photo spreads for DGC, Weekly Playboy, Young Animal, and Xcity magazine too. Will these photos are random in order, you can expect to see more photos of Rina Kato in full themed sets coming to our blog in the near future.

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