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Rin Nakazato is a 30-year-old retired Gravure Idol born on February 5th, 1987 in Tokyo Japan with the blood type ‘O’. She stands at 165 cms tall with the body measurements of a 83 cm bust, a 58 cm waist, and 86 cm hips. Rin began her career as a Gravure Idol in 2005, making only 2 magazine appearances and 1 DVD. During her active career she worked under the management of the Yellow Bus talent agency. Rin retired as a Gravure Idol in 2006 to focus her attention on school, where she studied law and politics at Keio University.

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Rin Nakazato has only been photographed wearing a bikini for a magazine twice during her short modeling. Her first appearance was in the Januray 6th, 2005 issue of Weekly Young Jump, where she competed in the 2005 Swimsuit Ace competition. Her second magazine appearance took place in the July 12th, 2005 issue of FLASH magazine. On July 27th, 2005 Rin’s only Gravure DVD, Hanuri-jima KA-RIN-TO, was released.  She also took 2nd place in the 2005 Sanyo Image Girl Marine Grand Prix, and appeared as Asahi Foods & Healthcare “MINTIA Girl” in 2006.

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