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Today, Rika Mari returns to our blog for her second appearance. It was back on March 27th, 2017 when we last saw this beautiful AV Idol pose for new photos.  Just like back then, today’s gallery features sixteen photos of Rika Mari stripping down and posing fully nude. She starts this series of photos sitting on a bed wearing matching bra and panties with a sheer gown top. Emphasising her chest from the beginning, it should come to no surprise that Rika Mari’s breasts are the first thing to become exposed. Rika then lays on the bed and playfully squeezes her tits together and rubs her nipples until they begin hard. Finally, she removes her panties and reveals her hairy little pleasure hole to the photographer with a look of lust in her eyes.

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Rika Mari was born in the Chiba Prefecture on June 9th, 1993 with the blood type O. She is 148 cms tall with an 80 cm bust, 56 cm waist, and 82 cm hips. Rika made her official porn debut on March 7th, 2014 and still performing to this day. Aside from Urumi Narumi, Rika Mari has had several other aliases during her career, making following her career more than difficult. She worked under the names of Lilia Hirose, Nashinatsu Mari, Rika Sasaki, Urumi Nagisa, and Urumi Narumi throughout the years. Some of Rika Mari’s best work can be seen on the DVDs I Love Masturbation, Lustful Young Wife’s Lesbian Kisses, An Outrageous Little Sister, Premature Ejaculating Schoolgirl Sex, and Sex Slave Ruled By Twisted Desire.

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