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Rei Toda is a 29-year-old actress and gravure model born on February 9, 1987  in Tokyo, Japan. Her blood type is ‘A’ and she weights 45 kgs and stands at 161 cms tall. Her body measurements are a 83 cm bust, a 59 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Rei Toda began her career as a gravure idol in 2007, appearing in many Japanese magazines since then. Rei was offered her first television acting roll 2 years later in 2009. She has since then appeared on many TV series such as Angel Full BloomDigital Yatai, Idol Star, and Strike TV. Rei Toda’s first appearance in a movie was in the 2010 film Psychic Shashinbu. More recently, she has had acting roles in Gal CircleKekko Kamen Reborn, and Usotsuki Paradox.

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Rei Toda has been seen wearing many skimpy bikinis during her 9 years of working as a gravure model. She has frequently worn them while modeling in the magazines Bejean, Weekly Playboy, and Young Animal. Today’s free photos are no exception as far as bikinis are concerned. Rei is dressed in a blue and white stripped bikini top, blue boyshorts, and yellow and orange patterned stockings.

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All Gravure is the only website I’m aware of that contains every single gravure image from Rei Toda’s career. On All Gravure’s website you can also watch sexy tease videos of Rei Toda posing in camel-toe hugging bikinis too! These gravure style videos are considered softcore or non-erotic, but are anything but vanilla. Although Rei Toda’s private parts have always been covered up by clothing, her pointy nipples and vagina mound are often the camera’s main point of focus. All Gravure also has tens of thousands of more photos featuring other hot Japanese girls modeling bikinis too, so why not check them out?

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