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Nozomi Aiuchi is a now retired Japanese porn star born in the Saitama Prefecture on July 3rd, 1992 with the blood type O. Her last known measurements listed her as standing 162 cms tall with an 80 cm bust, 57 cm waist, and 83 cm hips. She made her AV debut at 19-years-old on December 13th, 2011 on the DVD Shirout Hunter 15. Nozomi’s final adult appearance took place in Ban Lifted for First Time! Shaved Triple Penetration SM Fuck!, which was released on May 1st, 2013. Some of her greatest JAV scenes can be seen on the DVDs Bondage Chair Trance, Dragged Along And Molested, Dream Harem Apartment Life, Secret Pissing Fraternity, and Truly Passionately Kissing and Squirting.

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Nozomi Aiuchi is an actress most remembered for her young face and a lolita body. She entered the porn industry to finance taking language studies abroad and left the industry once she achieved the necessary finances. Nozomi was never featured in any magazines so all photos of her online were initially released as bonus photos on her DVDs. She filmed 59 DVDs over the course of 3 years and has been featured on 71 compilation DVDs post-retirement. Since her retirement, all information and social media about Nozomi Aiuchi have gone stale.

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Nozomi Aiuchi has been featured in 130 x-rated DVDs despite being retired since 2013. If you’re just discovering her for the first time, that means you have an extensive library of films to explore. Even if you think you’ve already seen all of Nozomi Aiuchi’s work, chances are you missed a couple of films along the way. One of the best places for you to watch a huge portion of Nozomi Aiuchi’s videos would be on Asia Movie Pass, just use their $2.95 2-day-trial membership. You could also head on over to R18 where you’ll be able to stream every single Nozomi Aiuchi porn DVD ever made.

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