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Neiro Suzuka is a former Japanese AV Idol who retired from the industry back in 2011. She was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture on September 2, 1988 with the blood type of O. Her measurement before retirement list her at 157 cms tall with an 105 cm bust, 64 cm waist, and 96 cm hips. Neiro made her AV Idol debut in November 2008 at 20-years-old and retired from the industry at only 23-years-old. Some of Neiro Suzuka’s best performances can be seen on the JAV DVDs BBW Titfuck Mother’s Sexual Massage, Plump Colossal Tits Skimpy Swimsuit, Relentlessly Making Her Cum, Sensitive MasochismUltra Big Tits Jcup.

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Finding information on the internet about Neiro Suzuka is a little hard to do. Partly because she changed her stage name seven time in a three year time span. Her other known working names are Asami Takahashi, Meina, Nene Suzuki, Keiko Takashina, Noriko, and Suzuka Takashima. Despite not ever knowing what name she was currently using, fans could always recognize her by her large Jcup breasts. Her full womanly figure combined with a well endowed bosom made Neiro Suzuka the perfect actress for older woman roles, despite her young age. While no longer performing as an AV Idol, Neiro still performs in clubs as a burlesque dancer to this very day.

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Neiro Suzuka has only appeared in two nude photoshoots but well over 400 x-rated films before bringing and end to her career. If you’re just discovering her for the first time, you’ve got a ton of content to enjoy. Even if you’re an older fan of Neiro Suzuka, I highly doubt you’ve seen her entire catalog of work. The cheapest place to see a good portion of Neiro’s work would be on All Japanese Pass using their $1.00 3-day-trial option. You will however be able to find more Neiro Suzuka movies on R18, if you’re willing to spend a little extra money to stream full-length uncut DVDs.

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