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Nanami Moegi is a 24-year-old Japanese Gravure Idol and singer born on May 27, 1993 in the Saitama Prefecture with the blood type ‘AB’. She stands at 173 cms tall with the body measurements of a 90 cm bust, a 59 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Nanami is singer and one of the founding members of the J-Pop group Sakuragaoka Chocolat. While no full length CD’s have been produced yet, Nanami Moegi has sang for the groups 2 singles and in their debut music video. Nanami Moegi has also done several gravure photo spreads for Bejean Online, DGC, and YS-Web since making her public debut in 2014.

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Nanami Moegi hasn’t broken big yet, but she’s working hard to get her music and photos notice by the Japanese public. Nanami is a multi-talented woman, aside from modeling and singing, she is also skilled at cooking, playing the piano, pitching, and swimming. In her free time she enjoys following soccer, swimming, volleyball, watching comedy movies, and visiting hot springs. As far as what she finds attractive in men, Nanami Moegi is a little weird, she has a strange fascination with armpit odor and the tone of a mans voice. She also enjoys keeping reptiles as pets, but has never gone into details about what she owns.

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