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Nana Ogura is a retired AV Idol and actress born on January 10th, 1990 in the Kanagawa Prefecture with the blood type O. Her height is 160 cms tall with an 88 cm bust, 59 cm waist, and 90 cm hips. Nana’s debut porn DVD, called Newcomer – Nana Ogura, was released in Japan on on July 9th, 2010. Her final featured porn DVD, called Completely Unseen Special Release, was released on December 11th, 2015. Some of Nana Ogura’s top performances can be seen on her DVDs After All I Love Sex, Attack Limit 100 Orgasm Mania, Student-Predator Female Teacher, I Want To Fuck All Day Long, and Unstoppable Squirting.

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Nana Ogura was working in the porn industry while still attending college. In March of 2013 she moved to Italy to study abroad from one year, putting her porn career on hiatus. She returned to Japan in 2014, but decided to retire after publishing 7 new releases that year. While still performing in porn, Nana Ogura also made several onetime appearances in many popular Japanese television programs like Ame Talk, Peach’s Whisper, and Venus Future. Her biggest acting roles took place in the 2010 film Yankee High School Girls 6 and the 2011 film Kunoichi Sekigahara 3D. After retiring from the AV industry, Nana Ogura left Japan to take up permanent residence in Italy.

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Nana Ogura has appear in a total of 73 x-rated JAV DVD titles during the course of her career. If you’re a new fan of Nana, that means you have a ton of video content to catch up on. But even older fans of Nana Ogura probably still haven’t seen her entire catalog of work yet either. The best and cheapest place to watch most of Nana’s AV videos is on All Japanese Pass with their $1.00 3-day-trial option. But you can also find all 73 of Nana Ogura’s DVD movies on R18 if you’re willing to spending a little extra money.

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