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Japanese AV Idol Moe Amatsuka was born in Tokyo on July 10, 1994 with the blood type A. Her height was last recorded to be 155 cms tall with the body measurements of a 84 cm bust, 57 cm waist, and 82 cm hips. Moe began her career in June of 2014, debuting in the AV movie Hidden Beauties Revolution. She has had a fairly active career, appearing in over 70 DVD titles in a little under 3 years. Some of Moe Amatsuka’s more popular films are Angel Moe’s Screams When She Cums, Forced To Model Lingerie, Mixed Body Fluids, A Ravaged High School Girl, and Ultra High Class Escort.

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For a girl who has only spent 3 years working in the AV industry, Moe Amatsuka has out a staggering amount of content. She has made dozens of appearances in nude magazine like FLASH, Graphis, Weekly Playboy, X-City, and Young Animal. Being only 19 years of age at the beginning of her career, Moe has mostly only played teenage, schoolgirl, and virgin roles throughout her filmography. She has filmed several hardcore scenes involving bondage, bukkake, incest, and rape; but she’s not seen in as much “dark content” as other idols.

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