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Do you like looking at the naked bodies of fit Japanese women? If yes, then you don’t want to miss today’s sample gallery from the members section of Idols 69! It features JAV Idol Minami Kojima posing fully nude for sixteen sexy photos. Her beautiful young Asian body is so perfectly shaped that you’d swear she was a goddess. Just be careful of where you view this photos, because they are definitely not safe for work (NSFW). However if you’re viewing these nude photos at home, please feel free to gawk all you want. The only thing we ask in return is that you share a link to our blog with your friends. Thank’s for visiting and check back to the JAV Idol Photos blog often for new updates!

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This series of photos is called “Green Dress,” but our starting point takes place after Minami Kojima has already stripped down to her bra and panties. Minami seductively gazes into the camera while she unhooks her bra and slowly pulls it’s straps down her shoulders. She then removes the loose white bra entirely and playfully throws it to side of the room. Thanks to her youth, Minami’s perky firm breasts retain their shape no matter what position she poses in. Still wearing her white panties, she continues to model topless for the photographer with a playful vigor. She then lays herself down on the floor and slowly begins removing her underwear in a sexy teasing fashion.

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Little by little, her frilly white panties slowly inch down her gorgeous fit body. Her forest of pubic hair is the first thing that’s exposed and photographed in detail. When her panties finally come off, we get to see Minami Kojima’s tone naked body in all it’s erotic glory. Being authentic Japanese AV Idol photos, censorship does occur in this free gallery. Minami tries her best to keep her little Asian pussy lips hidden from the camera lens, and to be honest that’s ok with me. These images represent Japan’s take on Playboy style softcore erotica. Minami Kojima’s beautiful face, perky young tits, and tight little ass are more than enough to satisfy a pervert like me.

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