Makoto Yuuki's JAV Idol Photo 01See Makoto Yuuki’s fully nude in this AV Idol gallery.

Today, Makoto Yuuki returns to our blog for her second photo gallery appearance. While this gallery is nowhere near as erotic as her October 3rd, 2016 debut, these photos are still very sensual none the less. Here within you will see Makoto Yuuki posing nude on a bed with a small lamp and evening twilight lighting the scene. She initially starts off wearing only a sheer white pajama-style top, so there’s very little stripteasing before she reaches full nudity.

Makoto Yuuki's JAV Idol Photo 03 Makoto Yuuki's JAV Idol Photo 04 Makoto Yuuki's JAV Idol Photo 05 Makoto Yuuki's JAV Idol Photo 06

Makoto Yuuki established herself as an actress while still a child, and a race queen in her late teens. At 20-years-old, Makoto Yuuki’s career took a whole new trajectory when she decided to enter the porn industry. She made her AV Idol debut in 2010 on the DVD Celebrity x Alice Japan. She left the porn industry in March 2012 after releasing a four-hour retirement video, Makoto Yuuki The Final, but returned to filming AV in 2014. While there is no official statement, it is believed that Makoto Yuuki has retired once again because she has not filmed a new scene since 2015.

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Makoto Yuuki has appeared in many nude photos and x-rated films during her 6-year career as an AV Idol. If you’re a new fan, that means you have a lot of content to catch up on. Even if you’re an older fan of Makoto Yuuki, you still probably haven’t seen her entire catalog of work. The best and cheapest place to see a good chunk of Makoto’s work is on All Japanese Pass with their $1.00 3-day-trial option. You can, however, find even more Makoto Yuuki movies on R18 if you’re not afraid to spend a little extra money,

Makoto Yuuki's JAV Idol Photo 11See more nude photos of Makoto Yuuki in the full gallery.

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