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Kaho Kasumi is a Japanese AV Idol born in the Chiba Prefecture on October 14th, 1984 with the blood type O. Her most current measurements list her as being 153 cms tall with an 85 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 82 cm hips. Kasumi began her porn career in 2005 as one of the flagship idols of Soft on Demand’s SodCreate Color label. At 31-years-old, Kasumi still works within in the adult industry with 11 years of experience under her belt. Some of Kaho Kasumi’s best career performances can be seen on her DVD’s Black Mega Sized Cock Fuck, I Was Raped In Front Of My LoveImpregnated At The In-Vitro ClinicM Drug Female Toilet Bowl, and My Husband’s Best Friend Ravished Me.

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Like most popular AV Idols, Kaho Kasumi has also appeared nude in in various Japanese men’s magazines when not filming AV scenes. She has been photographed by the DGC, FLASH, Graphis, Young Animal, and X-City publications on several occasions. Today’s nude photo gallery actually comes from bonus pictures included on one of her DVD titles. This series of photos starts in the bath of an outdoor hot spring, with Kaho Kasumi already fully nude and bathing. She lounges in the hot spa water with little droplets of water glistening on her naked skin. After a warm relaxing soak in the hot spring, Kasumi drapes a kimono over her body like a robe and heads back to her room.

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Kaho Kasumi has appeared in 20+ photo shoots and 80+ AV Idol films during her 11 year long career. If you’re a new fan or an old one, chances are there are a ton of her movies you haven’t even seen yet. The best place with the cheapest option to see a majority of Kaho Kasumi work is on All Japanese Pass with their $1.00 3-day-trial option. If however you don’t mind spending a little more money, R18 has a staggering 685 results when you search DVD’s with her name.

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