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Japanese AV Idol Hitomi Hayasaka was born in Kanagawa on June 28th, 1982 with the blood type A. She is 156 cm tall with the body measurements of a 83 cm bust, 59 cm waist, and 85 cm hips. Hitomi began her career in 2001 just after her 19th birthday. She has said in interviews that she had very little sexual experience when she started making adult videos. After 5 years in the business Hitomi announced her retirement in 2006. During her career she appeared on over 40 DVDs and built a large and loyal fan base. Some of Hitomi Hayasaka best performances can be seen in Don’t Close Your Eyes, Hito-Mi-X, Princess ButtMasochistic Female Toy, and My Big Brother’s Wife 2.

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After retiring from AV, Hitomi Hayasaka signed with RIZE CUBIC talent agency and began working as an actress. Hitomi was featured in the mainstream movies Dark Love: Rape and Secret Undercover Investigation: Wildcats in Strip Royale. In 2008 Hitomi opened a cabaret in Tokyo’s Roppongi district called “Club@virgin,” with hostess services provided by AV actresses. Hitomi herself, AV friend Naho Ozawa, and retired actress Hotaru Akane are frequent hostesses at the club, witch provides up to 25 hostesses a night. In 2012 Hitomi opened her second club in Roppongi called “Hinaka,” where clientele can meet AV actresses and pay a fee for 90 minutes of their private company.

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You’ve probably already noticed that today’s JAV Idol gallery is photos of Hitomi Hayasaka on a tropical beach vacation. She enjoys exposing her beautiful slender body while playing on the beach fully nude. She gets all messy rolling around in the sand and then plays in the ocean waves to wash herself off. Her perfect little breasts, cute face, and energetic personality make her appear like she’s forever young. Just being nude on the beach isn’t enough for an exhibitionist like Hitomi, she explores the rest of the island and some abandoned buildings wearing nothing but black and silver thong panties. If you want to see more naked photos of Hitomi Hayasaka, keep checking back to our blog, or get yourself a $1.00 Idols 69 pass.

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