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Eri Hosaka is an active Japanese porn star born in the Kyoto Prefecture on December 8th, 1993 with the blood type O. Her latest measurements put her at 165 cms tall with an 91 cm bust, 59 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. She made her official AV Idol debut 0n March 1st, 2013 on the DVD Amateur Pussy Girl. Eri Hosaka latest release entitle What? Your Rubber’s Ripped! was released in Japan on May 3rd 2017. Some of her all time best work can be seen on the DVDs Boobs in Spa-Land, Classmates Looking For Mama Titties, Fuck As Much As You WantGlasses-Wearing Younger Sister Gets Creampied, and The Quiet Girl’s Huge Hidden Tits.

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Eri Hosaka is known to play a wide range of roles in her adult videos, ranging from school girls to married women. To date there are 331 Japanese porn DVD’s that are known to feature her in a scene. Despite being a 4 year veteran in the industry, Eri has only ever appeared in Bejean Online Magazine just once. She also only ever published one image DVD containing nude photos early on in her career. While DVD’s and x-rated videos of Eri Hosaka are quite abundant, nude images like these are quite rare.

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Eri Hosaka has appeared in over 300 x-rated films since making her av debut in 2013. If you’re just discovering her for the first time, that means you have a huge amount of content to discover. Even if you think you’ve already seen all of Eri Hosaka’s work, chances are you probably missed a couple of her movies over the years. One of the best place for you to watch Eri Hosaka ‘s work would be on Asia Movie Pass, just use the $2.95 2-day-trial option. You could also head on over to R18 where you can stream every single Eri Hosaka porn movie made.

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