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Emi Harukaze (AKA Zemi Haruka) is a retired Japanese AV Idol born in Tokyo on July 7th, 1988 with the blood type O. In her last official measurements she was listed as standing 159 cms tall with an 83 cm bust, 60 cm waist, and 85 cm hips. Emi made her official AV Idol debut 0n November 25th, 2007 on the DVD Sparkling Titty Girl Emi Kazama. Some of Emi Harukaze’scareer highlights can be seen on the DVDs Adorable Older Sister’s Lusty Beautiful Tits, Bound And Disgraceful Sale Of Female Flesh, Can’t Stop Pissing, Minimal Mosaic Infinite Climax, and Nympho Teacher Saving a Horny World.

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Emi Harukaze had only spent a little over 2 years working in the porn industry before her retirement in 2010. Since that time she has appeared in over 212 x-rated DVDs, with her last appearance being on the compilation Sexually Vigorous Grandpa which released on January 6th, 2017. Today’s photo gallery contains twelve nude images from one of Emi’s two magazine appearance. Shot for Graphis, these photos depict Emi Harukaze posing nude in a very rural and country looking home.

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Emi Harukaze might not have ever made a huge impact, but she did appeared in over 212 x-rated films to date. If you’re just discovering her for the first time, that means you have a ton of content to discover and enjoy. Even if you think you’ve already seen all of Emi Harukaze’s work, chances are you probably missed a couple of her movies over the years. One of the best place for you to see a lot of Emi Harukaze ‘s work would be on Idols 69, just use the $1.00 3-day-trial option. You could also head on over to R18 where you can watch every single Emi Harukaze movie ever made if you’re willing to spend more than $1.00.

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