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Beni Ito is a Japanese AV Idol born in Tokyo on May 8th, 1993 with the blood type B. Her most recently recorded measurements put her at 150 cms tall with an 84 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 85 cm hips. Beni made her official AV Idol debut 0n August 9th, 2013 on the DVD Former Idol Group Member Beni Ito’s Porn Debut. Some of Beni Ito’s best work can be seen on the DVDs Dirty Kissing And Dirty Fucking, Making Her Cum 100 TimesOrgy With Lots of Orgasms, Ravaged High School Sluts, and Shameful Incontinence.

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Beni Ito has worked in the AV industry for over 3 years now, despite making legitimate acting appearances in 3 mainstream movies. In those 3 years Beni has appeared in 50 x-rated DVDs, with her last appearance being in Midnight Egoist which released on January 6th, 2017. Today’s photo gallery contains sixteen nude images from one of Beni’s 13 magazine appearances. Shot for Graphis on October 14th 2013, these photos first depict Beni Ito posing nude on a secluded beach. The second batch of photos have Mei stripping out of dress in a messy tool shed.

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Beni Ito might not not have been on your radar, but she has appeared in 50 x-rated films since making her debut. If you’re just discovering her for the first time, that means you have a moderate amount of content to enjoy. Even if you think you’ve already seen all of Beni Ito’s work, chances are you probably missed a couple of her movies over the years. One of the best place for you to see a lot of Beni Ito ‘s work would be on All Japanese Pass, just use the $1.00 3-day-trial option. You could also head on over to R18 where you can watch every single Beni Ito movie ever made if you’re willing to spend more than $1.00.

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