Aoi Mizuki's JAV Idol Photo 03See more nude photos of Aoi Mizuki in today’s AV Idol gallery.

Aoi Mizuki is another relative newcomer to the Japanese AV Idol movie scene. She was born on Hokkaido island on February 14, 1993 with the blood type A. Her current stats list her at 153 cms tall with an 86 cm bust, 57 cm waist, and 88 cm hips. Aoi made her official AV Idol debut in March of 2015 at 22-years-old and has since appeared in 25 additional DVDs. Some of Aoi Mizuki’s best AV performances can be seen on her DVDs Don’t Make My Cum Any More, Her First Bare DickShaved Pussy Slaves, She’s As Slutty As She’s Beautiful, and Smothering Kisses & Orgasmic Sex.

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As noted in the beginning of this post, Aoi Mizuki is a relative newcomer to pornography, so there isn’t much official information about her. Today’s gallery contains sixteen nude images from Aoi’s only magazine appearance to date. Shot for Graphis these photos depict Aoi preforming a sexy strip tease from her clothing in small mobile home. Regardless she starts out wearing in the beginning of these photos, you can be assured that Aoi Mizuki ends up fully exposed so you can be memorized by her perfect little Asian body.

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Aoi Mizuki might not have posed for very many nude photos just yet, but she has appeared in quite a few x-rated AV films. If you’re just discovering her for the first time, that means you still have an ample amount of Aoi Mizuki movies to watch. Even if you’ve been a fan of Aoi Mizuki since 2015, chances are you still haven’t seen her entire body of work just yet. One of the best and cheapest place to see a majority of Aoi’s work would be on All Japanese Pass by taking their $1.00 3-day-trial option. You could also find every single Aoi Mizuki movie to date on R18 if you’re not afraid to pay a little extra money.

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