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Anna Sakura is a now retired AV Idol who was born on August 11th, 1987. She stands 154 cms high, with the body measurements of an 83 cm bust, 60cm waist, and 90 cm hips. Anna entered the porn industry in 2010 and retired from the industry in 2017. Anna Sakura has only performed on a few JAV DVDs as a featured model, she normally appears on compilation style discs with other actresses. Towards the end of her career, Anna spent her time working on various uncensored websites by Digital J Media, such as Fellatio Japan and Handjob Japan.

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Anna Sakura’s popularity never seemed to peak like other AV Idols who entered the industry around the same time as her. Personal details about here are few and far between, with a bulk of the information coming from her personal blog that was abandoned in 2012. What we do know about her is that she enjoys taking runs and jogs outdoors, she’s boastful about her long tongue, and her favorite food is deep fried oysters. Anna Sakura also likes American movies, stating City of God and Fifth Element are tied for her favorite movie. She also likes to read Dragon Ball as well as erotic manga titles she’s too embarrassed to mention.

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