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Ai Mizushima is a 27-year-old Japanese AV idol born in Tokyo on September 27, 1988 with the blood type A. She stands 155 cms in height and her body measurements are an 85 cm bust, 58 cm waist, and 83 cm hips. Ai was only 20-years-old when she entered to porn industry in 2009, and is still active after 7 years in the business. Some of Ai Mizushima best adult performances took place on the DVDs Crazy Male Slave LaboratoryErotic Anal Lesbian Spa, Granddaughter’s All Grown UpJailed Teen 6, and Pig Snout Blowjobs. In recent years Ai has strayed away from the DVD side of the industry to work with uncensored websites like Fellatio Japan and Handjob Japan.

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Ai Mizushima is no longer a teenager, but throw a schoolgirls uniform on her and she can fool anyone. She is known in Japan as being a woman with an angels face with a sick and perverted personality. It’s hard to believe, but Ai has crossed many lines in her movies. She has been involved in extreme bondage, bukkake, pissing, and even scat films during her career. But if you analyze her entire 322 DVD catalog, you’ll see that more often than not Ai is playing a teenage roll. Even now in her late 20’s Ai Mizushima continues playing characters 18-20 years old. Today’s selection of photos is proof of this, as they depict Ai dressed up as a schoolgirl while performing slow sensual oral sex.

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