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Today we’re debuting a new niche here on the JAV Idol Photos blog. We’ve partnered with Legs Japan, meaning we’ll now be featuring exclusive leg fetish photos of many AV Idols. We’re kicking things off with sixteen sexy photos of the skinny and beautiful Ryo Yuuki. She is a 22 year old idol who is 168cm tall with a 75cm bust, 60cm waist, and 82cm hips. Ryo is also a well known cosplay enthusiast, whom is frequently seen at Japanese Anime conventions. I hope you enjoy today’s uncensored Ryo Yuuki photos, we’ll definitely be featuring her again, as well as other hot Legs Japan models very soon!

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Ryo Yuuki is feeling sexier that usual in her little denim jean shorts that she put on this morning. Her thin Japanese legs are lusted for and desired by almost every man she meets. Her sexy long legs even turn herself on from time to time. Ryo can’t resist the temptation to caress and massage her legs all through out the day. Her little jean shorts make her want to lay in bed all day long, looking at and playing with her sexy thin legs. Her obsessive leg play begins to get Ryo sexually aroused and now she’s interested in playing with more than just her legs.

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Ryo takes off her shorts, revealing that she was wearing a sexy black thong underneath them. She spreads her beautiful legs wide open, and begins massaging her pussy through her underwear. Ryo then gets in a face down ass up position and plays with her legs and ass for a little while. She slowly pulls the black thong down her long soft legs, revealing that she has fully shaven her pussy. Now that there is nothing to get in her way, Ryo Yuuki stays in bed all day, admiring her legs and masturbating.

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