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Noriko Sagara is a 35-year-old Japanese Gravure Idol and fashion model born on March 3rd, 1982 in Tokyo. Her blood type is ‘B’ and she stands at 156 cms tall, with the body measurements of a 92 cm bust, a 58 cm waist, and 86 cm hips. Noriko Sagara began her career as a gravure idol in 2001, shortly after she joined Erika Ito and Yoko Kumada to form the idol group P-Girls in 2002. Noriko has appeared on several TV series during her career such as Touch, WISH, Night, Star TBS of Nighttime, and MASHO. Noriko has also appeared in 8 softcore gravure DVDs and 3 photo books too. Noriko Sagara enjoys karaoke, nail art and loves sports, such as gymnastics, swimming, skiing and scuba diving.

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Before gravure modeling, Noriko Sagara made her entertainment industry debut with the J-Pop group 80’PAN!, after the original third member left the group. Noriko won an audition to become the new member of the band. For the first two 80’PAN! singles, Noriko only played guitar, but for their third single, she became one of the two main singers (while still playing guitar). In November of 2006, Noriko was featured in BOMB! magazine with her first bikini shots. On October 8th 2007, she parted ways with 80’PAN! to pursue a solo career as a singer, guitarist, and gravure idol.

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