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Haruka Ogura is one of the most beautiful Gravure Idols and Actresses to come out of Tokyo Japan. Her sexy photo shoots have been published in every Japanese men’s magazine you can probably think of. After gaining enormous popularity from her magazine print work, it was only natural that movie studios would also take interest in her. You may have already seen some of Haruka Ogura’s movie performances, as they are all cult hits. You can see her acting work in Lemon Angel, Birthday Mail, and Super Gore Girl… not to mention tons of TV cameos and commercial spots.

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In today’s update, you’ll get to enjoy fourteen sultry bikini photos of Haruka Ogura, taken from Japanese magazine scans. Her body is like a work of art that looks perfect in any perspective you look at it. She radiates beauty and brilliance in every single pose she strikes, just like a true master of her profession. Her attention to details and the ability to transmit emotion through still imagery is what sky rocketed her career as a Gravure Idol. Haruka Ogura has the talent and motivation to transcend Japanese media and to become and international model, actress, and sex symbol.

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